Featured Testimonials

Ajay Mal - KC Delhi(Patel Nagar)

Was looking for association with some major overseas education organization and a friend referred Krishna Consultants. Fortunately attended a bi-yearly workshop which Krishna holds at Nagpur and was impressed to see their strong team over-enthusiastic to update the attendees with detailed domain knowledge The presentations were information rich, the documentation was extremely streamlined, the team was enviously disciplined and after interacting with Pankaj Aggarwal and his level headed approach, made a decision to associate with this winner team Krishna Consultants. After 1 year we gloat over the decision as Pankaj and his passionate team have not only guided us build Delhi office, but also have been a constant guiding force providing full support wherever we needed help
Thank you once again Krishna Consultants.

Mr. Tushar Kapoor - KC Delhi (Rohini)

"Our association with Krishna consultants has been simply amazing and a great learning experience. For new franchise like us, getting to represent 650+ universities directly was a huge boost to our confidence. The support from the entire staff is highly commendable. Queries are answered within 24 hours. In case of urgency the options are given hand to hand, such is the proficiency of the staff. Phone calls are answered very promptly. The 20 years of hard work done by KC Nagpur, has turned out to be very fruitful for all the other offices, especially US. Taking the franchise of Krishna consultants has been by far the best decision taken by us.Proud to be a part of Krishna consultants"

Mr. Varun Sharma - KC Jammu

First of all I would like to thank Mr. Pankaj Agrawal for the trust and confidence he has shown in me, which helped me to work in this industry to the best of my ability. I am truly happy being associated with Krishna Consultants. Although it's been just 3 years of my association with Krishna Consultants, but the experience has been fantastic. The support that I have received has been exceptional. The entire team of Krishna Consultants has helped me a lot at every step of my 3 years Journey. I am looking forward to have a long term relation with Krishna Consultants. Taking the franchise of Krishna consultants has been by far the best decision taken by us.
Thank you once again Krishna Consultants.

Mr. Rajesh.S - KC Bengaluru

Me and my wife returned back to India after 8+ years of International exposure. We initially left for Australia as students , Obtained our Australian Citizenship and Canadian Permanent residency and were looking for options to commence a business in guiding students to study overseas. Before deciding on Krishna , we took a long hard look at the options and realized that investing in people who have established many successful operations based on a proven sales process and strong global partnerships would be the best way to go about it. Our operation was up and running in three months and operating profitably after nine months. Without Krishna, it would have taken us several years to establish ourselves as a recognized brand.

Mr. Imran Khan - KC Rajkot

It’s been a pleasure working with Krishna Consultants. The staff has relevant expertise in their field & have been supporting us very well regarding all our queries. They have been responding actively while addressing our issues. Working with Krishna Consultants has been a great experience and I would like to thank the whole team for their kind support.