India is the second biggest source market for international students and as such the overseas education sector is a flourishing sector for Indian entrepreneurs.

  • Are you an Overseas Education Service Provider?
  • Are you an Independent Service Provider or associated with another renowned service provider?
  • What benefits do you get if you are an associate?
  • Did you ever think of becoming an Overseas Education Franchisee instead of being an associate?

The answer to the last question lies in the fact that to take up a franchise you should first know the benefits of becoming a franchisee. You should be able to analyse the rewards of taking a leap from the associate to the franchisee role.

You no doubt have quite a few advantages of being an associate.

  • Authority to work in your way
  • Scope to develop your brand in the market
  • No need to invest a lot initially
  • Benefit from the university tie-ups and comprehensive services
  • Professional guidance and revenue sharing

But you must have faced certain problems trying to be on your own, and you would agree if we say

  • It’s not so easy to develop a brand of your own
  • Students wouldn’t approach you unless you are renowned
  • Marketing costs a lot
  • Difficult to survive in the cut-throat competition without enough recognition
  • If there’s a loss, you have to bear the brunt all alone

Well, then don’t you feel you should have someone who can solve these problems for you.

Who else other than a franchisor can give you the solution?

If you are pondering over the option owing to the investment, then you must also give a thought to the umpteen benefits you can avail and the amount of stress that you’ll be relieved of.

Let’s have a look at the advantages of becoming an overseas educational franchisee rather than just being an associate.

Franchisee Benefits

Instant Branding & Recognition

As a franchisee, you will share the brand value of a renowned and trusted overseas education consultant, as you function under their umbrella and benefit from their years of efforts and investment.

International Accreditations

Achieving international accreditations is not so easy, and you would have the chance of availing the benefit of these accreditations right from the initiation of the franchise association.

Operations Support

You get complete package of support in the form of training, knowing the standardized procedures, advertising, infrastructure assistance, operation guidelines and regular updates of all the developments in the market.

Standardization of Procedures

The systems and procedures will all be in place, and you just have to follow the footsteps of your franchisor. It saves a great deal of your time and effort.

Promotion and Management of Events

The franchisor would assist you in planning and organising promotional events as such a lot of time and efforts of yours would be saved, and you also get professional guidelines for the same.

Personalised Training Benefits

Your franchisor knows the nuances of the business quite well and would get you trained for proficiency as your services reflect their brand. So to ensure that your services are on par with theirs they would give you all the essential training.

Revenue Sharing

Though there is an initial investment the monetary benefits that you reap is manifold.

You will get all the details in the Franchise Proposal for Abroad Education. So if you give a serious thought, you would feel that a Franchise arrangement is far more beneficial compared to being an Associate. Do consider the pros and cons with a rational perspective.

Take the right decision at the right time and stand in good stead.