Franchisee Proposal

Krishna Consultants offers its Franchise proposal to all those who have studied abroad and have come back to India and want to start this activity based on their personal experience. This franchise proposal is also open for the companies who are already into studies abroad activities and are looking to expand their business. The franchise proposal benefits the franchisee in the following ways.

  • It offers a well settled brand which is into existence from the last 20 years.
  • It offers a brand which is well recognized in the industry.
  • It offers a basket of 650+ Universities in 29 Countries.
  • It offers a specialized knowledge on all the 29 countries from day one.
  • It offers complete support to the franchisee.
  • On the basis of performance the franchiser arranges Spot Admissions, Seminars and Education fairs.
  • It offers a complete standardization in procedures, systems and way of working.

Krishna Consultants has a team of 180+ people into Studies Abroad Consulting from the last 20 years, based in Nagpur, India. We operate through a network of offices in India located at Nagpur with the Head Office being Nagpur, and Franchise offices at

 Krishna Consultants represents 650+ Universities in 29 countries namely USA, Australia, Canada, UK, New Zealand, Singapore, Dubai, Ireland, Germany, France, Sweden, Netherlands, Austria, Denmark, Finland, Italy, Hungary, Switzerland, Spain, Lithuania, Hong Kong, Cyprus, Poland, Czech Republic, Malaysia, Mauritius & South Africa.

We propose Overseas Education Service providers to work mutually for institutions represented by us in the above  mentioned countries. We will share commission for represented institutions in above  listed countries.

For a virtual tour of our office, please visit:

Click here to download the list of the 650+ Universities in 29 countries represented by Krishna Consultants.

Services offered to Franchise Partners

  1. Multiple Country options.
  2. University Selection Assistance.
  3. Admission & Application Assistance.
  4. Visa Assistance.
  5. Pre-Departure Guidance.
  6. Timely Services (reply mails within 24 hrs.).
  7. Skype Training sessions.
  8. Knowledge Sharing Meets.
  9. Regular Updates through Association.
  10. On-time payments.

What would the Franchise arrangement offer you?

An ultimate business opportunity with low investment and comparatively less risk, offering you high returns for the efforts made.

Terms and conditions to become a Study Abroad Franchisee

  • It is preferred if the proposed applicant is already into the activity of Studies Abroad or any activity allied to it or has studied from abroad.
  • The Franchisee should have his well-furnished office with communication facilities like telephone, fax, Internet etc.
  • The Franchisee should appoint counselors, and have an office boy.
  • The Franchisee should be well versed with English language, should have good communication and convincing skills.

If interested for Franchisee or Association kindly Contact us on following

Email id: | Mobile no: +91 866 965 8176

Download Franchise Proposal.