education franchisee

The study abroad industry in India has grown tremendously over the past few years. A lot of students aspire to study abroad and need assistance in choosing the right university and course. The study abroad consultants not only help them with the university and course selection but they also provide services related to other things like, Counseling Coaching, Visa Assistance, Travel and Forex Assistance. The consultants help the students with the entire admission process and also conduct the pre-departure briefing for them. India has a lot of potential as a market when it comes to services related to studies abroad. One of the best ways of reaching out and catering to the needs of students is by buying the franchise of a well settled study abroad brand. The brand should offer multiple country options and should provide one stop solution to the students. Franchising the business has mutual benefits for both the franchisor and the franchisee. The study abroad franchisor can grow their business and the franchisee can get associated with an established brand and have a business of their own quickly.

Franchising is a long-term relationship between two entities. It is a cooperative relationship between a study abroad franchisor and multiple studies abroad franchisees. Based on the agreement the study abroad franchisor provides a licensed privilege to the franchisees to do the business. The study abroad franchisee gets a right to use the concepts, brand names, trademark, services, marketing methods and the entire business operation model for a fee. The study abroad franchisor provides the knowledge, facilities, and services from day one which will helps the franchisee in building a thriving business immediately. The services being marketed is usually identified by the study abroad franchisor’s brand name, and the franchisee is given authority of a defined geographical area as per the franchise agreement.

The franchisee can buy the franchise based on the franchise agreement that would govern the relationship between the two entities for a specified period of time. The study abroad franchisee is given all the support and resources from the franchisor’s end and they are provided with the latest updates via regular emails. The franchisee is also given ongoing support and assistance regarding their doubts and queries on a day to day basis. This is done via webinars, knowledge sharing meets, training sessions, and visits to overseas education institutions i.e. Familiarization Trips. The franchisees are given marketing support for organizing Education Fairs. If you are educated and have a passion for helping the students in realizing their goal of studying abroad then you are the best fit for this profession. All that you need is basic IT infrastructure, a good office set as per the standards of the company and branding. The franchisee should consider the important factors before buying a franchise.

The franchise association is a good opportunity offering good work life balance and feasible working hours. The franchise business model works in different demographics and has to be implemented by the franchisee. The franchisee is expected to work as per the guidelines of the franchisor while complying with the standards of the company. The study abroad franchise is a good opportunity for the entrepreneurs in India. The franchisee should do their study abroad franchise research prior to buying a franchise in order to gain proper insight into the business. One can buy the study abroad franchise if they have a passion for assisting the students with their study abroad decision. It is a good opportunity for those who have studied abroad and have come back to India. Women who want to become financially independent are also encouraged to benefit from this opportunity.