Overseas education consultants provide services regarding studies abroad to the students. They assist them by providing coaching for various entrance tests such as GRE, TOEFL, IELTS, SAT and PTE which are required to pursue a bachelors or master’s degree abroad. Apart from coaching services, they also provide assistance related to the application procedure, admission assistance, visa assistance and other auxiliary services like the pre-departure briefing, accommodation assistance, travel assistance and forex assistance. It takes years to build a brand, gain popularity and deliver quality results. Buying a franchise of an established brand is a good way of entering the study abroad industry. Below are few reasons why buying an overseas education franchise could be a perfect career choice.


Buying the study abroad franchise of a renowned brand is indeed a good opportunity for those who want to enter the dynamic study abroad industry which has vast potential for growth. First-time entrepreneurs get a head start in the industry since they get to explore it and learn as they progress further in their venture. They have to execute the existing business model that has already been proven successful for which they get all the assistance needed from the study abroad franchisor.

Getting associated with an established brand saves you the effort of branding it and building an image among the target audience. Instead, it gives you an added advantage of working with a well-settled brand that has several university representations and country options. The students find the established brands with significant success stories to be more reliable and this can be beneficial for the studies abroad franchisees.

Solid Business Model

The study abroad franchisor provides a proven business model which has already been implemented in different demographics. The franchisee just has to execute the strategies and the plan of the franchisor in their specified area. A solid business model helps you avoid the risk of making new mistakes as it already has the solution to most of the issues that the franchisee might face.

Apart from elaborate initial guidelines and on boarding, you are also given the complete assistance throughout your journey and the ongoing support. The franchisees are provided with the webinars which help them learn the best practices. They are informed about the latest university updates via regular emails and knowledge sharing meets.

Ideal Market Conditions

The number of students applying to universities abroad is increasing and students are opting for more and more courses abroad. Not only do they need counseling for deciding which university to choose but they also need assistance with the other formalities like admission guidance, visa assistance and the like.

With such good market condition, one can certainly monetize on the opportunity and make the most of it. There are many cities in India where the students need services related to study abroad. Buying an overseas education franchise can be a good way of owning a business and becoming an entrepreneur.

Timeless Concept

While investing in any business, the entrepreneurs surely need to evaluate whether the business will get affected in case of the recession. The study abroad business does not get affected because of the recession and so entering this industry is safe for the beginners. The concept of overseas education consultancy is timeless and this is what makes it a good career.

Moreover, the investment required for buying a franchise of study abroad is less and the returns are promising.  It also offers flexible working hours. The franchisor provides sufficient marketing support to its franchisees and the brand awareness among the target audience boosts the business of the franchisee as well as the franchisor.

To Conclude

Buying a study abroad franchise is a perfect career choice as it makes you financially independent while helping you explore the possibilities that the industry has to offer. It offers a stable brand having various tie-ups and standard methodologies used to handle the business. The regular meet-ups and follow ups keep you updated and the franchisor provides enough assistance even in your marketing endeavors. To top it all, the feasible working hours, good work-life balance and return on investment make buying a study abroad franchise the best career choice.