Owning a business has many advantages. It gives financial freedom and a flexible lifestyle. One has the control and the chances of making money are better. Talking of entrepreneurship, franchising has become a trend among the would-be entrepreneurs. It is an arrangement where the franchisor gives the rights to the franchisee to use its trademark along with the business model to market a service. It is easier to operate a business model that is already functional that to build a whole new business model from scratch. There are many people who strive to be an entrepreneur. However, the study abroad industry is flourishing and growing rapidly. It has opened many opportunities for those who want to be their own boss. Below are some benefits of buying a study abroad franchise:-

Well-Established Business

When you buy the study abroad franchise you are getting associated with a well-established brand. There are several advantages of working with an established brand. You do not have to invest your time in doing the promotion or publicity of the brand since it is already known among the target audience. The popularity of the brand and its recognition helps since students tend to trust the existing brand than the start-ups. This also contributes to the revenue of the franchisee.

Low Investment

If you are buying a study abroad franchise then you have to invest a less amount as compared to the other businesses. The study abroad business needs you to invest a minimal amount of Rs. 12 Lakhs to 15 Lakhs to begin with. Along with this, it needs you to have an office having about 4-5 team members to begin with. You might also need to design the workplace as per the standards of the company and have a basic IT infrastructure.

Ongoing Support

The study abroad franchise gets all the necessary support from the franchisor. The first time entrepreneurs can easily adapt to the work since they are given the initial training. They are also supported time to time in case they have any doubts or queries. There are also various webinars and regular meetings that ensures that the franchisees get all the necessary information required to run their franchise as per the standards of the study abroad franchisor.

Marketing Assistance

Apart from the support the franchisees are also assisted in their marketing endeavors. The marketing of the study abroad franchise is assisted by the franchisor. The marketing strategies and the decorum to be maintained is shared with the franchise. You have to comply with the same and do the marketing accordingly.

Growing Market

There a surge in the number of students going abroad for higher studies over the past few years from India. Due to this the study abroad business has got a boost which has resulted the business to grow. Studying abroad has become a popular trend and the students need services related to higher studies like Coaching, Counseling, Admission Assistance and Travel Assistance. In such circumstances where the demand of the services is good, buying a study abroad franchise is a good decision.


Buying an abroad education franchise is a good opportunity for the candidates who have returned back to India after studying overseas and now want to do something of their own in their home town. Working with a renowned brand adds value to your business. The new franchisees can learn a lot since they get to work with an experienced company. The franchisees get to explore the vast scope of study abroad industry. It is also a very good option for the women who want to gain financial independence. It empowers women by giving them a chance to be their own boss and offers a feasible lifestyle.

Owning a Business

Buying a franchise of the study abroad consultant helps you in having your own business without having to build an entirely new model. There is less risk associated when it comes to buying a study abroad franchise. This is because the franchise model that you adopt has already worked in different locations and so the chances of it failing are low. There are dual benefits of this. You get to own a business along with the low failure risk.


Thus, buying a franchise of abroad education is the one of the most successful and promising business options. The investment involved is reasonable. The opportunity provides promising revenue along with sufficient training from the franchisor’s end. Acknowledging the fact that overseas education sector has immense growth prospects, buying a franchise of study abroad consultants is a very good decision which gives proportionate rewards.